Mitcham Garden Village

Register your interest

Register your interest

The Village is a very popular place to live and, as you may imagine, there are many people wishing to make their home here. We are happy to keep people updated on availability but we do not operate a waiting list.

As property becomes available we invite applications which are assessed. It is not necessarily those who have been waiting longest who will be allocated a property but those most eligible.

You can certainly keep updated on availability by completing the contact form. Before doing so, please check the following list to make sure the Village is suitable for you.

  • Approaching retirement age?
  • Capable of independent living?
  • Either born in Merton or have lived in that Borough for 7 years?
  • In need of subsidised accommodation?
  • You have no pets?
  • Happy with the accommodation as shown on this site?

* indicates a required field within the form.